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"Here at the lab, we design and coordinate an annual direct mail campaign to promote brand awareness, bring together the creative community, and cultivate potential business relationships in good chemistry. We realized that there is a direct correlation with the seasons of the year and a deck of cards, and set forth to create a calendar that could double as a deck of playing cards. "

MM shapes brand DNA through good chemistry. With their rare amalgam of inspiration and discipline, they build brands that work harder, look better, and live longer. Their diverse backgrounds form a unique composition of talent that has shaped brand identities, strategies, and marketing plans for start-ups, emerging market and mid-sized companies, and corporate veterans.

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     Todays Gate River Run 15K championship race was an experience.  I was honored to run with the American flag for Team RWB and seeing all the other eagles & flags flying during the race was inspirational!!!  It was a hot hot 9.3 miles and the wind also got the best of me(& the flag hehe) on the last bridge(the Green Monster) so I didn’t break 2:00:00 like I was hoping to, but I did end up beating my time from last year by the tiniest margin.  I was a little down about that but my AWESOME friends were there to support me!  THANK YOU to everyone that was there for me today…(even after I almost passed out a gazillion times and had sun poisoning later in the morning) YOU are who keep me going!!!!

     Our champion, Shalane Flanagan crossed the line with a time of 47:03 to set a new women’s national record for 15 kilometers! (Flanagan added another accomplishment to her resume today, which already includes a national record in the 10,000 meters, a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and a marathon victory at the U.S. Olympic Trials.)                                                         

     INSPIRATIONAL: The oldest person to complete the course today was Brenda Tucker, 108, of Jacksonville. She crossed the finish line at 2:36:02!